The fastest way to automate your traditional and Web3 fundraise.

Close with Fiat or Crypto faster than ever
Customized fundraising docs generated in seconds
Wire transfers, Ethereum and Solana Support built-in
95%+ of investors send funds immediately after signing

Our customers have raised from some of the best

Easily Create Custom Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) and Token Warrants

Our simple flow lets you customize your SAFE notes starting with the widely-accepted YC template.

E-signatures included

Sign and Wire lets you send custom signature links to your investors and handles the e-signatures and reminders.

Wire Transfers and Crypto Rails Built-in

Your Docs are linked to our ACH or USDC gateway, we get the money or USDC to your company in no-time. No more sharing wiring instructions. End to end collection built in.

Set up Account

Enter basic information about your company

Customise Notes

Build the custom fundraising documents for your round

Share with Investors

Share the notes with your investors and we take care of the rest! We even follow up when the round is closing

Multichain by design.

Supported Wallets

Reduce your workload, collect investor checks today.

  • Sign and Wire was built by founders for founders. Chasing investor checks takes time and takes your attention away from building your company and product.
  • We know that founders don't want to sign up for annual subscriptions for many different services just to collect checks, that is why we create your safes and collect the money for you!
  • We integrate with Stripe so you can rest assured that the money goes straight into your account. There are no hidden fees and no catches.
  • Sign and Wire now offers the first every SAFE platform that integrates USDC and Crypto support. Raise money right into your company's Web3 Wallet.

“You know what I hate? Following up with investors who have commited. They hate it too, S&W helps cut through this friction by reminding them automatically."

- Founder, Seed Startup

Thousands of banks supported out of the box

Your SAFEs and Angel Investment $$$ in one place