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Accounts for each Founder
Unlimited SAFE Templates
Support for Investments up to $75K each
Docusign Included
Integrated with Stripe
$15 fee per executed note

Some basic questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our team or visit the FAQ page here.
How does the money get to our account?

S&W integrates with your Stripe account so that your investors funds are delivered straight into your corporate account. We do not handle the funds in anyway. Our fees are inclusive of all tranaction fees that are charged by Stripe and other payments partners for ACH transfers.

Why can't we just code this ourselves?

We have negotiated increased ACH transfer limits from our payment processing partners. These increases are not usually available to new startups or even more established startups. We did this to make it easy for folks to collect checks from as many investors as possible without having to set up an expensive SPV or run a complicated legal process.

Who drafted the notes that you use?

S&W uses the standard YC note templates for our generator. These notes are widely accepted by angel investors across the world. We recommend that you get legal advice from a qualified legal professional prior to using the templates.

Can we have multiple team members manage the account?

Yes, we allow multiple team members to manage your notes and oversee the incoming wires. This is a premium feature available on our premium plans.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently only support ACH transfers for your investors. Credit card support is not currently offered. We partner with API companies to connect with your investors bank account and originate the wire transfer once the note has been duly executed. You can set it up so that your notes are already executed by you before they are sent to the investors to speed up the process.

How long does it take for the funds to show up in my account

The funds will show up in your Stripe account within one business day and it usually can take another 2-5 business days to clear into your business account.

What is the Sign and Wire fee for?

The S&W fee is to offset the costs of offering the service to founders. We integrate with the best in class tools available to build a customized payments gateway for angel investments which includes e-signatures, other API integrations and negotiated approvals for higher limits. There are no long term contracts, you only pay for the notes that are executed and the funds collected.

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